Vantigo Love: Jenni and Stephen’s Big Day

One of the sweetest aspects of a company like Vantigo is our ability to offer the involvement of a van (or three) in your big day. Jenni and Stephen are one of the couples who took us up on it, and they’ve so kindly shared their experience with us here.

MomandDadVWBusWhen my parents got married in 1973, their white VW Bus served as their getaway car, decked out in toilet paper streamers. They drove that Bus all over the place, and my mom swears they had to push it 30 miles into Las Vegas one time, watching the lights of The Strip get closer and closer in the dark of night. Their stories stuck with me over the years, so when it came time to plan my own wedding, I wanted to pay homage to their VW adventures.

I’d seen Lillie and Harvey driving around the city, so I immediately thought of Vantigo when I started looking for wedding day transportation, and with Lillie’s shiny red paint, I knew she was the one for the job!

When we arrived at the house, Lillie was sitting in the driveway, gleaming. Much to our surprise, Erik matched the groomsmen perfectly – a little stroke of luck that made for a nice touch. Erik gave us a quick rundown of Lillie’s features (she looks great!) and offered us all some refreshment for the ride up.

In the meantime, the bridal party packed the wedding supplies, and then we piled into the bus and headed off to the ceremony on Mount Tamalpais. Stephen and I have driven across the Golden Gate Bridge and up Mount Tam more times than I can count. We love to go up there for trail runs, hikes, and bike rides, which is why we chose the spot for our wedding. Riding in Lillie felt special though, like I was going to a place I’d never visited before.

Congrats to Jenni & Stephen! Married Oct 25, 2015!

We stopped for some pictures before the ceremony, and Lillie made the perfect backdrop for our bridal party photos. We then drove back down to Trojan Point for our big entrance. It was so fun pulling up to the ceremony in the bus, and on a practical note, it was super easy to maneuver getting in and out in my wedding dress!

After the ceremony, we sent the rest of the bridal party in the shuttle with the other guests, and Stephen and I had Lillie to ourselves. It was a nice quiet time to reflect on the ceremony and to prepare for the raucousness of the reception at Barrel Head Brewhouse, our favorite local brewpub. We left Erik and Lillie behind as we made our grand entrance, but they made a huge impression on us and made our wedding day feel even more special than we could have imagined!

Congrats to Jenni & Stephen! Married Oct 25, 2015!

Wedding photos by Olivia Smartt Photography

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