5 New SF Eateries to Try in 2016

Ah 2016. Another year to come, sure to be filled with exciting new San Francisco adventures, even hoppier beers, and as always, hills. Start your 2016 off right by checking out these five great new or recently opened spots around San Francisco. Some of them have been long awaited, and others are simply great additions to their respective neighborhoods. Happy New Year!

1. Alamo Drafthouse

The long awaited Alamo Drafthouse is finally here! Offering seated dinner service with a newly released film, the Drafthouse brings a sorely needed form of nighttime entertainment to Mission St. Word to the wise though, if you are caught with your cell phone out, you will be ejected from the theater!

2. VeganBurg

Want to score extra points on your hippie game in the Haight? Then head to VeganBurg to check out their delicious looking menu of vegan options. The only thing about VeganBurg that has us scratching our heads is their motto- “Once Bitten, Twice Wise.” Go figure.

3. Little Gem

If you spend any time on edges of Hayes Valley you’ve surely walked by the apartment building under construction at the intersection of Grove and Gough. It was a delightful surprise to all of us to discover the bottom level now houses Little Gem. From one look at their menu, it’s clear that Little Gem is going to fit in with the neighborhood perfectly.

4. Iza Ramen

Continuing with the Lower Haight’s trend of offering every type of Asian food imaginable, Iza Ramen has taken the hood by storm. It’s not uncommon to see a large crowd waiting outside Iza Ramen at pretty much any hour of the day. Find out if it’s worth the hype, and let us know 🙂

5. Petit Crenn

Replacing the beloved Bar Jules, Petit Crenn has entered the Hayes Valley scene offering a rotating five course set dinner menu for $79. While nothing to scoff at, this is certainly a steal for San Francisco. The menu offers seafood and vegetable dishes, so those in search of red meat may want to seek dinner refuge elsewhere.

Let us know which of these struck your fancy, and which flunked out! Other ideas for new places to check out? Let us know in the comments 🙂


About the Author // Eliza Dropkin is the newest member of Vantigo. She enjoys live music, good food, and cruising around town in Jerry (the other newest member of Vantigo).

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