SF Asian Fusion: Where Tradition Meats Innovation

As has been previously discussed, San Francisco has a lot going for it when it comes to Asian food. Given the city’s indelible propensity for innovation it should come as no surprise that San Francisco has also become home to a wide array of Asian fusion eateries. By Asian Fusion we don’t mean the kind of Asian restaurant where you can choose between phở, pad thai, sushi or ramen. No- we’re talking about honest to god Asian fusion creations that combine the best parts of different cuisines and combine them (ok primarily burrito + _____ , but an innovation nonetheless). The best part is that you can try them all.

1. HRD Coffee Shop

Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, HRD Coffee Shop serves up new takes on traditional Korean dishes. Make sure you try the Kimchi Burrito, and expect a line if you come during the lunchtime rush.


2. Curry Up Now

We would like to personally shake the hand of whoever decided to wrap chicken tikka marsala in naan and call it a day (or an Indian burrito). With both a truck and a brick and mortar location in San Francisco, along with three other locations around the Bay, there’s no reason to miss out on the Curry Up Now experience.


3. Sushiritto

The idea of a sushi burrito might sound like a lot to handle, but we promise, it is unbelievably delicious. While all of the Sushiritto options are delicious, make sure to get your hands (and your mouth) on a sumo crunch.


4. Manna JPT

The Manna food truck calls its offerings “Japanese comfort food,” and includes a variety of sushi rolls, sushi burritos, and Japanese tacos. If you’re really up for something different, give the breakfast sushi wrap a try.


5. Koja Kitchen

When it comes to Asian fusion, Koja Kitchen takes the cake. Another spot featured on DDD, Koja offers Korean-Japanese fusion items including rice-bun sandwiches and kamikaze fries. Koja has a brick and mortar location in the Inner Richmond along with a truck that typically makes appearances at Off The Grid. Don’t miss out, get yourself to Koja Kitchen ASAP.



About the Author // Eliza Dropkin is the newest member of Vantigo. She enjoys live music, good food, and cruising around town in Jerry (the other newest member of Vantigo).

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