7 Tasty SF Brunch Spots (that Won’t Break the Bank)

When it comes to brunch, San Franciscans do not mess around. And while brunching can sometimes feel like a competitive sport (we’re sure someone out there has taken home the gold for waiting in line for brunch the longest), one thing it doesn’t need to be is unreasonably expensive. So when you’re feeling like a modest brunch after a (too much money spent) night out, give any of these go-to’s a try.

Kate’s Kitchen: Two words: Hush. Puppies. In all honesty, everything being served up at Kate’s is unbelievably delicious. Make sure you take the specials board into consideration, because Kate’s does something incredible with a breakfast burrito. Also keep an eye on your coffee cup if you’re sensitive to caffeine- this is one place where they don’t charge for refills (and they are on it with the refills).

Eddie’s Cafe: When you want a perfectly tasty, standard breakfast for less than $8, Eddie’s is your jam. Cash only, Eddie’s maintains an atmosphere that clearly has not changed since the 60’s (and that’s what is so wonderfully San Francisco about it).

Market and Rye: Are you into brunch places that do incredible things with eggs? Then head to Market and Rye, where they take their eggs seriously. They also do something with churros and a coffee-chocolate dipping sauce that should be illegal.

Heartbaker: +1 Point for having a pun in their name. +2 Points for having delicious biscuits. +3 Points for having pastries that are out of this world. Need we say more?

Pork Store Cafe: A verifiable Haight St. establishment (though there is also one in the Mission), Pork Store is a great place to go for huge portions of delicious, hangover-curing, brunch food. Be aware that there is often a wait on the weekends, as the cafe is pretty teensy.

Straw: Want to eat your brunch in what was once part of a carnival ride? Want the option for your hamburger to be served on doughnuts, or your fried chicken to be served in between two waffles? Go to Straw. After you are finished eating there is a micro-park conveniently located across the street, so you will have somewhere to stumble to to ride out your sugar rush.

Cafe St. Jorge: If you’ve woken up directly south of the Mission on a Saturday morning it can only mean one thing: that you are in Bernal Heights (and probably need to eat some breakfast). If this so happens to be the case you should immediately head over to Cafe St. Jorge for a chia seed bowl (they’re delicious- promise) or some epic toast. Don’t forget the Stumptown coffee 🙂


About the Author // Eliza Dropkin is the newest member of Vantigo. She enjoys live music, good food, and cruising around town in Jerry (the other newest member of Vantigo).


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