Adventures in Joshua Tree National Park

One of the best parts about working for a company like Vantigo is the encouragement to travel and explore. After all, the best tour guides are well travelled individuals who can relate to visitors from all walks of life. This most recent adventure took 1/4th of the Vantigo team down south to Joshua Tree National Park– a must-see place for just about anyone who enjoys spending time in Nature. We camped at the Indian Cove Campground which provided a near “glamping” experience, and spent two days exploring the grounds adjacent to our campsite. An utterly beautiful place, we’ll let the pictures do the talking instead of trying to come up with words to do Joshua Tree justice.

IMG_0056 (1)









TLDR: 10/10 would camp again.

Photos by Eliza Dropkin and Kiran Rishi.


About the Author // Eliza Dropkin is the newest member of Vantigo. She enjoys live music, good food, and cruising around town in Jerry (the other newest member of Vantigo).

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