5 SF Public Transportation Adventures for Kids (and Adults!)

One of the neat things about visiting (or living) in San Francisco is that our public transportation does some pretty amazing things. Whether BART is going underneath the Bay (this is still mind-blowing to all polled 20-somethings) or MUNI is cutting beneath the mountainous hills of SF to get to other neighborhoods, just getting to your destination can be an adventure in itself. As you cruise uphill on a MUNI bus you can appreciate the great views and the fact that your legs aren’t doing the work! What better way to experience SF than by taking the scenic route? Take these 5 rides (and explore their origins and destinations) for a local SF experience.

1. Take BART (underwater!) from Downtown SF to Oakland and explore Jack London Square.

2. Take a street car (F line) from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Mission, and get some delicious ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery.

3. Eat a slice of pizza from Tony’s Slice House, then take the 39 MUNI bus up telegraph hill to Coit Tower.

4. Take the N train from the Duboce Park playground to Tantrum (this is a toy store!) in Cole Valley (maybe also check out Ice Cream Bar).

5. Order a sandwich from Ike’s Place and then take the J train to Noe Valley for some chocolate from Chocolate Covered (and a great view of the city from behind Dolores Park!)


About the Author // Eliza Dropkin is the newest member of Vantigo. She enjoys live music, good food, and cruising around town in Jerry (the other newest member of Vantigo).

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