8 Sunny Spots for Outdoor Beer Drinking

Happy Thursday everyone! In case you aren’t always tuned in to exactly what Karl has in store for you, let us be the first to bring you the good news of this weekend: 76 degrees and sunny! Lest we forget that San Francisco summer weather typically consists of 60 degree weather with late afternoon fog, this weekend’s weather should absolutely taken advantage of. And what better way to appreciate nice weather than by drinking a refreshing craft beer at a picnic table surrounded by friends? So with no further adieu we present to you the 8 best spots for doing exactly that.

1. Biergarten: In the mood for a healthy dose of hip served up with copious amounts of beer? Then head to Biergarten. Everything on their food menu is delicious, and goes great with either a half or full liter of beer (or, you know, more than that).

2. Zeitgeist: Feeling the old school SF beer drinking vibe? If your main indoor spot is Toronado, then Zeitgeist is for you. In addition to an impressive beer selection, Zeitgeist has the added bonus of serving up incredible bloody mary’s.

3. Lost and Found: Let us not forget that Oakland is also pretty good at the nice weather game… okay maybe sometimes even better. Regardless, Lost and Found is a short BART ride away for some tasty beer and a backyard patio layout that is on point.

4. Southern Pacific: Hanging out in the Mission? Head to Southern Pacific. This spot is big enough to host all of your friends- so long as you show up early enough to claim your space.

5. 620 Jones: Feeling something a little more upscale? 620 Jones gives off the feeling of drinking on top of a roof deck in New York City, even though it’s on the ground level in the middle of San Francisco. Check it out and let us know what you think.

6. Pier 23: Another place to kick it old school San Francisco style is at Pier 23. Enjoy your beers on their back-pier patio to soak in the sun and some Bay views at the same time.

7. Fort Mason Off The Grid: What could be better than combining beer, food, and late afternoon sunshine? We’re not sure, which means that Off The Grid is doing something very right. Hit up the Fort Mason location on the early side to soak in the last of the day’s rays while beating the crowds to the punch (or the beer).

8. The Yard at Mission Rock: If you’re headed to a Giants game or happen to find yourself near the Dogpatch you should definitely check out The Yard. With Anchor Brewing on deck you’ll be soaking in the new and old of San Francisco all at the same time.

Happy weekending!


About the Author // Eliza Dropkin is the newest member of Vantigo. She enjoys live music, good food, and cruising around town in Lillie.

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