Where to Eat if You Don’t Eat Meat!

If you have chosen to forgo consumption of our many feathered and furry friends (or their byproducts) then San Francisco is likely the best place ever for you to go out to dinner. Our plethora of vegan and vegetarian restaurants also more than tolerant about catering to the gluten-intolerant (dad joke- woops). Check out these nine veggie and vegan friendly options that are so delicious we meat-eaters are flocking there as well 🙂

1. Loving Hut: Vegan Chinese food at radically affordable prices. Not only will you feel good after eating at Loving Hut, but the people working there really radiate positive affirming vibes towards everyone who has decided to eat vegan (at least for that meal). (Possibly the most San Francisco sentence ever, but a fact that is confirmed by a friend who frequents LH).

2. Gracias Madre: Vegan Mexican food! Though it is certainly possible to make your Mexican food experience vegetarian elsewhere in SF, Gracias Madres does mind blowing things with cauliflower (along with, you know, all the other vegetables). Give the “Coliflor Frito” a shot for a truly epic starter.

3. Seed & Salt: Great for the Gluten Free among us, Seed & Salt rotates daily specials that will keep you coming back to try them all. Not to be outdone by Gracias Madre’s take on cauliflower nachos, S&S serves up buffalo cauliflower bites. Also: chia seeds- lots and lots of chia seeds.

4. Nourish: Nourish does a lot of things well, but their salads and acai bowls top that list. There is something magical about the sweet potatos they put into their salads that really make you feel like a good person. And that green acai bowl? Totally worth it.

5. Greens: Truly a San Francisco institution, Greens has been been keeping it real since 1979. Surprise fact- they are related to the SF Zen Center, and the produce comes from the Tassajara SF Zen Center location north of the city. The space is beautiful, with a great view of the bridge, and the food will keep you coming back over and over again. The best place to celebrate any special occasion.

6. Judalicious: Doing your thing on Ocean Beach? Then chow down at Judalicious. Their juice and smoothie game is strong, even for San Francisco. J-licous also offers up a wide variety of entirely raw food options.

7. Love ‘N Haight: This little deli is the deli version of a dive bar. The sandwiches are affordable, they’re cash only, and the menu on the wall is printed out in Times New Roman font, size 120. Go for the veggie chicken steak sandwich with all the fixings. If you’ve forgotten how essential sprouts are for a quality sandwich, Love ‘N Haight will remind you.

8. Pica Pica: A classic spot for herbivores and omnivores alike, Pica Pica serves up Venezuelan inspired fare, and they do something incredible in the form of an arepa. Don’t miss out on their yuca fries as well.

9. VeganBurg: The newest kid on the block, VeganBurg has taken up residency in the upper Haight, and seem to be doing quite well so far. Head to VeganBurg for “vegan fast food”.

Don’t forget to eat your veggies 🙂


About the Author // Eliza Dropkin is a Vantigo Tour Guide. She enjoys live music, good food, and cruising around town in Lillie (though she loves all the vans equally).

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