San Francisco’s Best BBQ Joints

Last week we paid homage to the great vegetarian and vegan restaurants around San Francisco. So this week we figured it would only be fair to show respect to the best BBQ joints around the city, proving that not everyone living here has traded in hot sauce for hemp seeds. Many of these spots offer great beer and craft cocktail selections as well- perfect for happy hour or dinner with friends. Now roll up your sleeves, and get the wet wipes ready!

1. 4505 Burgers & BBQ: One of the most aesthetically pleasing and also delicious BBQ restaurants in SF, 4505 offers something for everyone (even the vegetarians!). Known for their chicharrones and their “best damn cheeseburger,” 4505 sources their meats from local purveyors, so you can feel extra good about your brisket.

2. Black Bark BBQ: In case you are a BBQ newbie, the “bark” of the BBQ is the blackened goodness that forms on the outside of most forms of barbecued meat. Black Bark BBQ is a newly opened and welcome addition to the Fillmore District. A great place to head for dinner followed by drinks and live music at the Sheba Piano Lounge.

3. Memphis Minnie’s: A Lower Haight classic, transplants and natives alike will attest to the goodness that is Minnie’s. Offering up Texan style BBQ (don’t be fooled by the name), Minnie’s has been feeding hungry Lower Haighters for 16 years!

4. Smokestack: There are many reasons to head to the Dogpatch, but the Magnolia-Smokestack combination is definitely in the top three. Serving delicious barbecued goodness alongside Magnolia’s beer and craft cocktails, there is a reason this place is packed most nights after 6PM.

5. CatHead’s BBQ: Known for their Sweet Tea Chicken, Coca-Cola Smoked Brisket, and of course- their “cat’s head sized” cathead biscuits, CatHead BBQ is a San Francisco favorite. Most importantly, they take their sauces very seriously.

6. Baby Blues BBQ: Last, but certainly not least, Baby Blues is well worth the trek across Cesar Chavez. The real struggle is deciding which of the fourteen combination plates to order!

Happy hot saucing!


About the Author // Eliza Dropkin is a Vantigo Tour Guide. She enjoys live music, good food, and cruising around town in Lillie (though she loves all the vans equally).


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